Reuse for Schools, College, University

Reuse IT equipment for Schools, College and Uni

Reuse for Schools, College, University

Many education bodies such as Schools, Academies, College’s and Universities have robust disposal methods for old or redundant IT equipment, usually by acquiring the services of a third-party specialist company or via an internal division who manage procedures across all campuses.

Our primary goal is to enable consideration to reusing old equipment before recycling, too often we have found that the word recycling reflects views of environmentally friendly, green footprint, good for the well-being of society and the planet. Whilst this is true to a certain extent it does exclude more viable options for certain types of products.

There was an estimated 2 billion computers in the world by 2015. To put that figure into perspective it took 27 years for there to be 1 billion computers worldwide, it then took just 7 years to go from 1 billion to 2. At this rate computer giants will be producing and supplying more and more units per year with the average household upgrading devices up to once a year. If just 1% of those computers across the world were to be reused before recycled there would be 20 million less hazardous waste ending up on landfills.

We conducted some research throughout our regular networking events in Kent to determine how advised education bodies were with reusing before recycling. We discovered a vast amount of establishments had no reuse policy across their departments or once items had been removed from site. In essence this meant that although they thought the process and procedures they were undertaking were proficient enough for their internal policies and the greater good for the environment, there is most definitely room for improvement.

LoopCR provide a service that is completely free of charge (no hidden costs at a later date), where we visit you once you have a stock pile of unwanted IT equipment and can guarantee that all the items we collect will be thoroughly checked and tested by criteria intended to extend their shelf life.

This would save costs on disposing of these items on-site increase your green footprint by knowing less hazardous materials ending up on landfills. Prevention towards increasing levels of IT materials that cannot be recycled is becoming key for many businesses and education bodies.

Our passion and time invested in our beliefs are what make us different. We are a very small but personal team that can provide a very efficient and exceptional service. All of our data wiping procedures adhere to EU and Waste Electronic guidelines., we ensure that no personal or sensitive information is ever left on any device before it’s available for reuse.

If you are considering a new supplier of would like to speak to us about alternatives to bulk recycling then why not give us a call on 01622 920423 or send us an email via the contact page to see how we could be of help.