Green School Awards 2018

The Green School Awards 2018

Green School Awards 2018
Best Children’s Green Champion Award presented to Green Park Community Primary School, Dover. Richard Langshaw of Loop CR, Owen McGuire, Kaydin Biddle, Lexy Allister, Aliesha Brown, Alison Nightingale of 3R’s. The Green School Awards at Canterbury Cricket Club, Canterbury, Kent. Picture Submitted by: Martin Apps KM Group has permission to sell this image via photo sales and to re-sell the image to other media for single-use publication.

As part of our partnership with the KM Charity Team we were delighted to become a sponsor of another great cause.

The Green School Awards was held at the Kent Cricket Club in Canterbury bringing together twenty three winning schools from across the country. The Awards focus on eco friendly projects designed to help pupils gain a better understanding of the environment they live in and how they can be empowered to enforce better living.

LoopCR Director Richard Langshaw presented the awards with teachers, pupils, and parents all present. He said:

We admire all the hard work done by the guys at KM Charity Team in organising these events and the impact they have on the local community, we look forward to continued support and sponsorship in the future. A big congratulations to all the schools that participated.