Securely Erasing A Hard Drive

Securely Erasing A Hard Drive – Our Process

Securely Erasing A Hard Drive

We hear this phrase a lot when speaking to businesses and new customers “what will happen to my personal data?” the fear of personal data ending up in the wrong hands is something we have all experienced.

The rise of technology has changed lives, it has enabled us to move into an era we could only have seen in the movies some 20 years ago. For all the greatness technology has brought us, there will always be a select few who seek opportunities to exploit weak procedures.

Cifas fraud prevention service stated victims of identity theft has risen by 57% since 2016, this accompanied a report also in 2016 that estimated the cost of fraud in the UK annually was £193 billion. To put that figure into context, that’s equal to nearly £3,000 per person.

Rest assured, your data will be safely and securely erased

Data security is important to us, as it should be to you. We understand that when you wish to dispose of an old piece of IT equipment you want to be sure there is absolutely no trace of your personal information left behind. Since LoopCR formed, we have estimated that almost 5,000 hard drives have been securely wiped or destroyed at our HQ, we have never had a case of data retrieval to any computer, laptop or tablet that has completed our secure procedure.

The 1998 Data Protection Act stipulates that any personal information must be destroyed under secure conditions in order to avoid them falling into malicious hands. Our process is designed to alleviate your fears, simplify the reuse or recycling process and give something back to the community and local charities.

Our process of data wiping:

  1. As soon as all electrical equipment arrives, despite whether or not it has personal data, the first thing we do would be to irrecoverably delete all of the data on the device with a thorough and detailed process which is government approved.
  2. If the electrical equipment is no longer usable but contains a HDD, the HDD will be removed and securely wiped using the same process.
  3. If for whatever reason we are unable to safely or securely erase the data off of the equipment, the HDD will be securely destroyed and disposed of.

Businesses, are you ready for GDPR legislation change in 2018?

The rules on customer data are changing, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) officially becomes a legal obligation from May 2018 and research has shown that businesses of all sizes are yet to adopt sufficient procedures to adhere to these new rules.

The aim of the new rules is to allow people to have greater control of their data, who can access it and what they wish to share with businesses. Organisations with 250+ employees will have to adhere to the rules, smaller businesses MUST comply if it involves processing certain categories of personal data, an article of the steps to take and GDPR checklist is available at ICO.


Our guarantee to you

Almost all reuse and recycling companies will have streamlined their processes to ensure they have stricter measures in place for preventing old data recovery. These procedures are created to convey trust from both parties by understanding you can still donate your old IT equipment without worry.

Our supporting charity, Buster’s Book Club, will receive 50p for every item of computer equipment we collect (partnered with the KM Charity Team). Why not donate your old computer today?

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