LoopCR launches its new website

Welcome to Our New Website

LoopCR launches its new website

We have seen some big changes happen within LoopCR HQ over the past few months and one of these is the launch of our brand new website. We hope you like the new look and feel of the site, it’s a modern design with an easy to navigate structure that is available on all modern devices.

We will be posting on our blog at least once a month so please bookmark us or check back regularly for news and tips from LoopCR.

As well as our new website, we have moved to new premises, this has been an incredible advancement for LoopCR. We have a large enough area to ensure that everything is well organised, including areas designated to certain items and furthermore, we can process collections and sales more quickly.

Our wonderful team has been joined by two new faces; we have welcomed Bradley who leads the organisation of the warehouse and all items collected and ready for sorting. We also welcome Steve who will be in charge of the new website and driving the digital area of the business forward (more information on our team can be found on the ‘Meet the Team‘ page). One thing hasn’t changed, we all have the same objective –  that is to ensure everything is reused before being recycled.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our old and new partners that have contributed to helping the environment and prevent landfills by using our services. With combined efforts, we have managed to stop 20 tonnes worth of equipment being dumped and instead reused or recycled. We hope to continue these relationships and prevent another 20 tonnes in 2017.